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A unique collaboration between 4 Western-Canadian Muslim student groups, United Islam Awareness Week (IAW) challenges you to confront the misinformation and stereotypes surrounding the fastest growing religion in the world. IAW will be held during the week of February 5th to 9th, 2018, and will include multiple events across 4 college campuses, including informational displays, speakers from around the world, and open discussions. Evening talks during the week will feature a renowned guest speaker exploring topics such as Islamophobia, the Qu’ran, and the Prophet Muhammed under the Post-Truth Era.

These are open events for everyone – join us as we hope to build a better pluralistic society through understanding and mutual respect!

Investigative Reports

Yours Truly

History’s most influential man, the Prophet Mohammed: his legacy of being a warm friend and trusted guide to mankind. Speaker: Dr. Reda … Keep Reading

Breaking [the] News

Islamophobia stands trial as its hateful discourses in today’s media are deconstructed and the truth on Islam and Muslims are adjudicated. Speaker: … Keep Reading

To Be or Not To Be

Discover how our purpose in this life is true and how to know it, live it, and love it. Speaker: Sh. Fahad … Keep Reading

Guest Speakers

  • Dr. Reda Bedeir

    Dr. Reda has worked in numerous fields including as a UN Interpreter & Translator, and has authored many researches and… Keep Reading

  • Imam Anwar Arafat

    Anwar Arafat is the Imam of Masjid Ar-Rahman, in Memphis, TN, the largest mosque in the mid-south area. Imam Anwar… Keep Reading

  • Abdullah Al-Andulusi

    Abdullah al Andalusi is an international speaker, thinker and intellectual activist for Islam and Muslim affairs. His work involves explaining… Keep Reading

  • Shaikh Fahad Tasleem

    Fahad Tasleem is the founder of DC Seminary, an institute focused on spiritually empowering working professionals, graduates & college students.… Keep Reading

Editorial Board

UofR MSA – Regina

The University of Regina Muslim Students’ Association (UR MSA) is a committed and active student organization serving the needs of Muslims on … Keep Reading

USASK MSA – Saskatoon

The Muslim Students Association at the University of Saskatchewan strives to provide support and services for the Muslim population on campus. Our … Keep Reading

UofC MSA – Calgary

The University of Calgary Muslim Students’ Association strives to promote an awareness of Islam on campus by clarifying the ideas and concepts … Keep Reading

NAIT MSA – Edmonton

Established in 2015, the Muslim Student Association at NAIT is a dedicated organization which aims to represent and serve the Muslim population … Keep Reading

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